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Mystery fiction is a loosely-defined term that is often used as a synonym of detective fiction — in other words a novel or short story in which a detective (either professional or amateur) solves a crime. The term "mystery fiction" may sometimes be limited to the subset of detective stories in which the emphasis is on the puzzle element and its logical solution (cf. whodunit), as a contrast to hardboiled detective stories which focus on action and gritty realism. However, in more general usage "mystery" may be used to describe any form of crime fiction, even if there is no mystery to be solved ...more

New Releases Tagged "Mystery"

Neverworld Wake
Jar of Hearts
The Bookshop of Yesterdays
Island of the Mad (Mary Russell and Sherlock Holmes #15)
Who Is Vera Kelly?
A Study in Emerald
Girl with a Gun (An Annie Oakley Mystery #1)
Tell Me No Lies (Follow Me Back #2)
Now You See Her
A Lady's Guide to Etiquette and Murder (A Countess of Harleigh Mystery, #1)
The Race to Save the Romanovs: The Truth Behind the Secret Plans to Rescue the Russian Imperial Family
The Secret Token: Myth, Obsession, and the Search for the Lost Colony of Roanoke
The Opposite of Here
The Long-Lost Home (The Incorrigible Children of Ashton Place, #6)
What Blooms from Dust
The Captives
What Happened That Night
Buried in Books (A Bibliophile Mystery, #12)
The Frame-Up
Blood Will Out
The Spook in the Stacks (Lighthouse Library Mystery #4)
Murder at the Mansion (Victorian Village Mysteries, #1)
Bitter Sun
99 Lies (100 Hours #2)
The Three Hares: Bloodline
Last Girl Gone (Laura Chambers Mystery, #1)
Till Death Do Us Tart (A Bakeshop Mystery #8)
As the Christmas Cookie Crumbles (A Food Lovers' Village Mystery, #5)
Broken Ground (The Jay Porter Series)
Ruff Justice (Melanie Travis Canine Mystery)
Under Your Skin
Mercy Point
The Magical Curiosity Shoppe (A Banshee Creek Cozy Mystery Short Story Collection)
Wild Blues
約束のネバーランド 9 [Yakusoku no Neverland 9] (The Promised Neverland, #9)
A Brush with Death
A Study In Shifters (The Adventures of Marisol Holmes, #1)
The Fairfax Incident
Grass Kings, Vol. 2
The Secret of The Pendant
Monday's Not Coming
Undead Girl Gang
The Lies They Tell
All of This Is True
How It Happened
Lowcountry Bookshop (Liz Talbot Mystery #7)
Murder on Union Square (Gaslight Mystery, #21)
The Disappearance of Sloane Sullivan
What You Want To See (Roxane Weary, #2)
The Devil's Half Mile
Probable Claws (Mrs. Murphy #27)
A Sharp Solitude (Glacier Mystery #4)
Spectacle Vol. 1
Blood Standard (Isaiah Coleridge, #1)
The Lonely Witness
Blood Orbit (Gattis File #1)
Lethal Literature (A Book Barn Mystery, #4)
Salt Lane (DS Alexandra Cupidi, #1)
The Alcatraz Escape (Book Scavenger, #3)
Into the Night
Murder at the Grand Raj Palace (Baby Ganesh Agency Investigation, #4)
Better Off Read (Bookmobile Mystery #1)
The House on Half Moon Street
Goldie Vance Vol. 4
A Passion for Haunted Fashion (A Haunted Vintage Mystery #6)
Bear Witness to Murder (Shamelessly Adorable Teddy Bear Mystery, #2)
Purrfectly Dead (Whiskey, Tango & Foxtrot Mystery #5)
The Duke's Gambit (A Malcolm & Suzanne Rannoch Historical Mystery Book 15)
The Long Silence: A 1920s' Hollywood noir mystery (A Tom Collins Mystery #1)
The Sphinx’s Secret (Supernormal Sleuthing Service, #2)
Live and Let Fry (Cass Tuplin, #3)
Sins of the Father (A Countess of Prague Mystery #2)
Last Song Sung: A Cullen and Cobb Mystery
I, Hunted (Santina, #3)

Linwood Barclay

Author of No Time for Goodbye

Linwood Barclay is the #1 internationally bestselling author of thirteen novels, including Trust Your Eyes, A Tap on the Window, No Time for Goodbye and that novel's followup, No Safe House.
This summer, his thriller Broken Promise, the first of three linked novels about his fictional upstate New York town Promise Falls, will be released. Book two will come nine months later, and another nine months after that, the conclusion will be released.
Over the years, several of Barclay's novels have been optioned for film and television. Most recently, No Time for Goodbye has been optioned for television in France, and in 2012, Trust Your Eyes was the object of a film rights bidding war between Universal and Warner Bros.

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