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I have watched all the Harry Potter films loads of times and I love them but is it worth it reading the books if I know what is going to happen?

Olivia YESSS!!!! It is definitely worth reading the books because, the thing is, you DON'T know what's going to happen. They leave loads of things out of the movies so the books are much more interesting. You should definitely read the books.
Lila YES
The movies were quite good but the magic that's in the book just isn't there. I'm a huge HP fan and I'm pretty sure about this. Hope this helps!

Shruthi yup! I didn't want to read it (5 years ago) because it seemed so popular and everyone talked about so i knew everything that'll happen but the books were 1000000 times better than the movies. And J.K Rowling makes everything seem better (be prepared to be blown away).
Abey YES!! The book is a thousand times better the the movie. And J.K. Rowling (the writer) is an awesome writer!
Chloe Levering Yes! The books give you SO much more knowledge of Harry's background and explain what's going on! They leave out a lot in the movies (about 20%) and sometimes even add things that are irrelevant. I totally think that you should read the whole series. :))
Sara Murray YES
I have read the HP series 4 times and the books r sooooooo much better!!!! The movies leave out a bunch of important information. But if u do decide to read the series read it all the way through. Not just 1 or 2 of the books. If your going to read a couple of them u might as well read all of them!!!!!
Jaden McNally YES
Enough said.
The films are absolute crap compared to the books. The books are incredible; the films just can't measure up.
Thomas I watched all of the movies long before I read the books. In fact I did not read the books until my Sophomore year of high school, I am currently a Freshman in college. I knew most of what was going to happen but the thing is the books are so much more detailed that you really don't know what is going to happen. The characters are seen so much more that if they die you may actually cry, I know I did even when I knew what was going to happen in an entire chapter. I used to just like Harry Potter and now I am obsessed with the series.
Reyna Marie It is completely worth it. The movies are awesome, yet the books are so much better, as books usually are compared to their films. I think you'll come to enjoy the novels just as much.
Joanie YES IT IS STILL WORTH READING. I've read them twice and I might read them again. For example, someone told me Sirius Black (third book) was innocent, but when I read them I was convinced until the very end he was guilty. All of the books are that good.
Kadybug OMG YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you should the books have more details than the movie !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Solace Yes!!! There is a lot of amazing plots that the movies missed, and you feel more of a connection to the characters.
Diya Yes !The books will always be better than the movies!
Reshna Chittanattil DEFINITELY!!The movies have missed out on a good chunk of the book and all the other books actually....nothing's greater and more satisfying than reading the series over and over again....
Megan Wiseman It'll be the best decision you've made in your life if you read the books. I watched the first few movies before I read the books (only because I was too young to read) the books are so much more magical and deep than what the movies can ever achieve. As they say the books are way better than the movies and it can not be truer for this series
Jeyasri No,if one knows what is going to happen next, there will be no thrill in overcoming them.. It is also suitable for our life....
Rach YES HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Suzy Definitely Yes! I read the books first, and was hesitant about the films as I loved the characters so much in my mind's eye. The characters were faithfully reproduced on film. The books have so much more in them than the movies. I'm reading them to my daughter who saw the movies first and she's hooked on the books now.
Jason Hurbon yes , it is worth it . I watched the movies first to, and now i just started reading the books , and Olivia is right the books so far and the movie you will find out that they are different in some ways .You will find that people in the movie say some things that the different ones say the same thing in the book . I just got threw reading the chamber of secrets , and now im reading sorcerer's stone .
Walter I agree with Olivia,the movies aren't vary good representations of the series or Rowling as an author. I have to say that as movies they where pretty good though.oh,and I like your pic Olivia.(:
WaterNymph Yo pienso que sí deberías leer los libros, porque el libro es mucho más emocionante que la película, además, encontrarás detalles de la película que solo los fieles lectores conocen porque leyeron el libro.
Si de verdad eres fanática de Harry Potter disfrutarás mucho la lectura.
Angelina Haug Yes because the movie directors and editors changes it from things that happen in the book
Billy Bob Jenkins no i dont reccomend watching the books
Julie omg yes! The movies are AMAZING but the books are soooo much better
Guilherme Moutinho I do believe that you should read the books. It´s definitely worth reading because they leave loads of things out of the movies. So much more knowledge about harry´s backgroud.
Fangirl2907 Yes you have to read the books!!! The movies miss out so much that you would know if you read the books!!!!!!! You have to.
Em-Ilyk YES. The films miss out alot of stuff that happens in the book, so you DONT know whats going to happen. You could be expecting one thing but you will get an entirely different thing instead.
Ian I Agree with all of the 101 answers. Read The book.
Eve Most of the movies are pretty different from the books (ugh) so yes! And the books are soooooo much different.
Chloe You should definitely read it! One of my favourite series in the world and this one isn't the best but it introduces all the characters! The books are also VERY different to the movies. This is definitely a must-read
Legitspiner1 no just like the percy jackson films
Autumn🥞 Zhou Yes, you should read the books! The movies are great, but books are better! J.K. Rowling made the books heavy with its magic, you know the thing about words that makes you visualize? That's what I'm talking about! I'm personally a huge HP fan, if you like the movies, the books are totally worth reading! I least its what I think.
And Peggy DEFINITELY TOTALLY ABSOLUTELY! The movies are great, but of course the books are way better. The movies only cover a fraction of what the book covers, especially with book 4. Enough said. Read the books.
SwaggaPig YEAH! of course! The books are so much better than the movies! SO MUCH BETTER!
Josh Shafer I ended up reading the whole series! Brilliant!
Book Nerd Absolutely! The movies did a great job but reading the books gives you the full experience. You'll see a lot more character development, funny moments, and just life at Hogwarts in general. Also, if you're someone who has trouble paying attention while reading a book, knowing the basic story line will help you understand it better.
Bethany Yes it is!! It gives more information and anyway I would read the books a million times!
Shreya Jayamohan You HAVE to read the books! Oh, My, Goodness!!!! The movies leave out So Many DETAILS!!!! Some even leave out a few characters!!! With J. K. Rowling's amazing writing, you will experience so much more than you could ever imagine possible from the movies. So, YES!!!!!
Anarmstrong yesssss!!! the books are 100 x's better. and the movies leave out so many great parts!
Rayne The movies were rubbish. You should definitely read the books. I loved this entire series. A+. I have read this series 11 times, and I am reading it to my sister now. She loves it.
Harry It is a good idea to read them as there is more information and it get's you (or young ones) into the habit of reading!
Alex Christman I hated the movies, but the books I was so addicted to! I would go up to a quiet room and read these books for hours on end! I just wish there were more of them.
ɮR££ R○S£ The books are WWWAAAYYY better than the movies, and explain everything so much better
Robin Black Indeed, yes. The books are enjoyable to read. I read the books first, before watching the movies.
Harper the book have so much more character iT has so much more details i think the books are better for me but thats just me
Saanvi No. I don't believe that it's much different unless you need to for a school assignment.
Natalie Batchelor Yes it is always worth reading. ALWAYS
Esha Bakht Well, if you want to improve your English, its worth it.
Mica Yes. The books have so much more! If you liked the movies, you will love the books.
IrOnIc_JoKe It is most certainly worth it.
Ralph Yes, it is always best to read the books. Even for radio programs the best pictures are in "the theater of your mind!"
Reagan Yes, you should still read the books, but is would've been better if you read the books, then watched the movies.
Carole-Olivia Oh goodness, yes! Everyone knows that the books are always better than the movies. Plus, the director/producer/script writer left out a ton of scenes from the actual books.
Sulakshya_dhungana yah! I also think that reading book ISmuch more interseting.
Miriam Guzzardi ABSOLUTLEY
Cassie H Sometimes different things happen and it is good so I think you should read it! :)
Sairica I first read the first book after I saw the first movie. You will find JK Rowling a much better story teller than Steve Kloves and Micheal Goldenberg.

Infact, her presentation of the story and character sketch could not have been achieved by the movie writers who have sifted through the book to give what I would call a mediocre 2-3 hour compilation compared to the Rowling's original work.

Her books are truly magical.
Veronika Yes! It's worth it for sure! The movies leave out some of the most important stuff! You should definitely read the books!
Veronica Yes, the movies leave out A LOT of the storyline that is actually included in all seven books. You'll know a little about the overall series from watching the movies but will be surprised by what is left out.
Holly Manning Yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!
EllaTheReader Yes! Because some events in the books aren't in the movie
Sarah You should read them becouse you don't know what you're missing. I first read them as I was in primary school. Now, I'm 19 and sometimes I feel I know them by heart! Definitely my all time fav!!

I love movies, of course, but you just can not compare them with books! They are million times better! ;)
Suzanne How can you read the book?
Caitlin Absolutly because the books contain certain parts and/or characters that are not in the movies. Specifically the last book in the series.
Bailey Davis Yes the book hose into some much more detail and talks about a lot of the stuff that happens in the book that dose not happen in the movie
Katanya Bridgeway Yes!! Don't judge a book by its movie! XD
Feather King I read the book and then I watched the movie!! There was so much left out! You should totally read the books!!!
Stu Definitely! The books are much richer!
Amie Liu OMG Yes I watched the movies and i'm currently reading the books love it.
Colette Definitely! The movies are good, but leave out a ton of details, and there is a magic that isn't in the movies. The movies are also a lot darker than the books, and are not as specific about what actually happened. I would totally recommend the books. Honestly, if everyone read them, it would change the world.
Thomas Even though the movies cover pretty much all of the major plot points and give you a good outline of the Harry Potter saga, I would highly recommend reading through the books if you haven't already. The books have a quality that just can't be captured on the big screen, and there are funny little quirks and oddities that J.K. Rowling included that give the books a certain charm. Having read the books before the movies, I can tell you that the books were definitely a worthwhile experience for me.
Lunascope YES!!!!! TOTALLY!!!!
Louisa Yes it is worth reading the books as most of the books are quite different to the movies.
Sasha Dovzak Oh my goodness of course! If you liked the films the books will be even better! The originals are always better than the remakes. You're going to be reading them and saying, wait, this didn't happen in the movie? That's because the movie left a lot of the good stuff out! Definitely read the books.
Katrina I know your question was posted a year ago so probably (hopefully) you have already read them or at least started to, but I will say YES! The movies are good, really good, and the first two are practically perfect replicas of the books but starting with the third one you start missing out on a lot of information that is really important to the story if you don't read the books.
HFLSer Lucy Movies are just for virtual effect. There are more details in HP books. Every time I read HP, I always find out something new: ) So, of course it's worth to try the books!!!!! Love Harry Potter hahahahaha~
Lex AK I would. Personally I liked the books better, they left some of the book's character and details ( in a few cases, scenes ) out in the movies.
John Bell Yes! The books are soooooooooo good! The movies are great too, the created a picture for me, it they leave out so many amazing parts!
Elsa Please read the books! You seriously have to! So many different things happen in the book and it's a totally different experience. In my opinion, it's better to read the books first.
Phi W. It is so worth it! The books are so much more detailed than the movies, and you really get to know the characters. I would definitely recommend reading the books!
Natasha ⚡️ Seriously the films are only a margin of how great the Harry Potter series is. The books gave more information and to be honest the very end film is nothing like what happens in the book. I would definitely recommend reading these amazing books, you will not be disappointed with them.
Graham Mellon It is definitely worth it because books are always better than their film counterparts. They have to fit everything on a screen, and sometimes they leave out little details that make the series feel complete. You'll probably discover things you never even knew about Harry Potter from the books!
محمد العوض like me , i watched movies many times , but i am sure that i will enjoy reading the serious
Sierra Welch Yes
and a thousand times more
If you watched the movies so what, they are NOTHING compared to the books. You get to imagine everything and sometimes you can imagine the scene in your head better than an actor can portray it ^.^
Lakshana The Harry Potter books are SUPER!!! This books starts with a wonderful begging. I am a great Harry Potter fan, These are worth to read: You have to read it!
The books are MUCH better then the movies because the movies leave lots of the main stuff out. It's worth a read!!!!!!!!!
Youness You should definitely read the books !! I envy you so much, you get to read all 7 books ! The movies are awesome, but the books are magical ^^
Catnip Everdeen The movie left out a lot, so yes.
Delaney It is totally worth it, especially this illustrated version! The pictures are absolutely gorgeous.
Erin YEEESSSS!!!!! there are many parts in the books that weren't in the movies and the books are FABULOUS! i saw the movies before i read the books and it didn't change my reading experience by seeing the movies first. harry potter is the best book series of all time in my opinion and you should definitely read the books.
Sokooky Yes! Yes! Yes! The movies are great, but the books are AMAZING!
Jennah ABSOLUTLEY!!! Sorcerers Stone was the most accurate movie but they still missed lots of things. And its just an amazing book!
Hannah Tesh YESSS the movies are very different and A THOUSAND TIMES BETTER
Nelou Keramati Absolutely! I did not know about the books until the buzz surrounding the movie enlightened me towards the masterpiece. The books are even more imaginative and evocative than the audio-visual movies... J.K. Rowling is unmatched in her ability to conjure worlds within the reader's mind!
Emma I know you said this a year ago, but I just wanted to tell you that you really should read the books. They're amazing and I hope that you actually did start reading them.
Muhi The first I heard about HP was from a friend of mine. He had seen the movie that time. And he told me the story from his imagination. After 8 years (or more may be), when I read the book, i found a little from that friend's story. The thing i remember him saying correct was about Voldemort's killing teacher (although the motivation wasn't correct !) and black clouded skeleton mask !
Anyway... my point is.. the movie left many interest part of HP; specifically the qudditch match. The suspense in the book is quite extra ordinary. Compare to the book, the movie is quite boring. Personally I hate the movie. The actors (kids) were all amateurs and therefore couldn't portray the characters the way they are in the book and changing scene from the novel is quite annoying.
It's been a year since you asked this question. You may already have read the books by now. If so... you have figured it out then. If not... at least try the fifth part from the book and then compare it with the movie. You will see what kinds of jokes they play in the movie !
Cristia Of course it's worthwhile.
Except from the things you were expecting to be in the movie but ended up pretty disappointing or wasn't really there all along. That'll probably make you sour.
*coughs* Goblet of Fire *coughs*
Hannah S YES! When i was 9 or 10 i hated harry potter, but now that I've tried reading the books, they are amazing!
Aidan Dever the books are better and worth the time
Emily YES! Totally.. The movies leave out a lot of key parts the book has. I think you should definitly read this one and the whole rest of the series. Hope I helped ;)
Jakob Sandevill I highly, highly, highly recommend you to read these books.
First two movies are great adaptations of the books, third one and fourth one are very good, but fifth and sixth omitted a lot of important details.
Reading first three books will be pleasant for you, but you will not find a lot of "new" things, but since Goblet of Fire you will get a lot of new, fun facts, scenes and characters.
From all movies Chamber of Secrets is the best adaptation and also my favorite movie, it takes book and with minor changes translates it into the movie, this is one of movies I consider to be perfect adaptation.
It is also a brilliant movie too :D
If you don't yet own the books, get a box set you like and read it.
You can also get the illustrated edition, though I consider it to be more of "Fan thing", and you will wait around 7 years for The Deathly Hallows.

Have fun reading these books :D
Elifsu Yes . A definite yes . The books are magic and they are by far the best series I have ever read .Also the movies do leave out a majority of the plot .
Shailendra Modi The portions good in the movies (action) are the most boring in the books. But the portions good in the books are either totally left out or very unimpressive in the movies. The movies only show dialogues but the books have a lot more, like background commentary. The lore described in the books is very interesting when read but cannot be expressed/exhibited in cinema. So my vote is definitely read the books.
Olivia Mette yes and my names olivia too
Indiana Yes!!!!!!!!!!!! Read It! Read It!
Riya Daneshgari yesssss!!! the books are 100 x's better. and the movies leave out so many great parts!
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